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Bubble Tea

A Taiwanese Tea based delicacy. A myriad of flavours with a choice of submergants in the form of Sweet Azuki Beans or chewy Tapioca Pearls.

Citrus infusion

The ever loved lemon base serves its fullest potential. Playing host to a multitude tastes. We salute the Citrus family.


We also make traditional Milkshakes and Juices.

Just creamier, thicker and juicier than ever before. Every thing you’d want in a snacc. 😉



Taste South East Asia through our varied list of exotic and tropical Tea infusions. We blend local flavours with those of the Orient.

Yogurt infusion

Creamy Yogurt makes for a wonderfully absorbent base.Infused with Teas and Fruits from all over the world. Say goodbye to plain old flavoured Yogurt.


Sparkling infusion

Everyone knows carbonation is bad for them but we make them better.  Infused with fruits of the Orient. Our Sparkling series is a must try.


The Best In tea

Tea has been a well known discovery from the continent of Asia for Millennia and much like the many teachings of Asia. It has circumnavigated the World and slowly made it’s way back.

Fruit infused tea is the update. Power packed with Minerals, Vitamins & Anti Oxidants while cutting down on the harmful caffeine levels of regular Tea.


We Deliver

The Tastes of Beijing, Shanghai, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia,Indonesia. All at your doorstep.


We make our drinks hot or cold. Whatever suits your fancy and the weather.

Always Fresh

All our ingredients are carefully selected from the fields of South East Asia and brought straight to you. No pesky middlemen. 


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